The Dance Of The Goblins (op. 15 no. 1) for piano

The Dance Of The Goblins

is the first piece of the Goblins piano series composed by Zsolt Tempfli. Finished composing the music on 26 December 2003

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On rehearsal

We recorded The Dance Of The Goblins at one of the rehearsals for the concert in 29th June 2013.

Musical tones

The concert called Musical tones, which took place on the 29th June 2013, contained pieces of composers related to Oradea.

1. Lászlóffy Zsolt: Dil Tho Pagaal
2. Bartók Béla: Allegro Barbaro
3. Bihari Sándor: Your monogramme
4. Dr. Szalay Elemér: Rambling in Azure country
5. Dr. Szalay Elemér: I won’t give it back…
6. Réthi Brigitta: Je t’aime Paris Op. 50
7. Macalik Alfréd: Two pieces in preclassical style
8. Csire József: Elégia No. 1 szóló mélyhegedűre (Elegy No. 1 solo for violin)
9. Tempfli Zsolt:

The Dance Of The Goblins


10. Jmrik Cornélia: A Kis-Szántói csodaszép parkban – Lengyel táncz (In the wonderful park of Kis-Szántó)
11. Réthi Brigitta: Rondo for violin and piano
12. Soós Andor: Ave Maria
13. Bartók Béla: Andante for violin and piano BB 26
14. Tempfli Zsolt: Elegy for viola and piano
15. Ridzyk Gyöngyi: “How we are…”
16. Bartók Béla: Evening at the Székelys
17. Bihari Sándor: Elegy
18. Garai Zsolt: Fuga-Fantasia
19. Erkel Ferenc: “Hazám, Hazám…” from opera “Bánk Bán”


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Zsolt Tempfli: Goblins - The Dance of the Goblins op. 15 no. 1 for piano