Rambling To Hades’ Empire (op. 15 no. 3) for piano

Rambling To Hades’ Empire

is the third piece of the Goblins piano series composed by Zsolt Tempfli. Finished composing the music on 10 September 2004

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Variations on themes H-A-D-E-eS and Ha-Des (Goblins no. 3)
H, Ha = B
eS = e flat
Des = d flat

Recorded on 2012 may 18 at Nagyvárad (Oradea, Grosswardein) during the recital called Sound-Play-Space
piano: Zsolt Tempfli (the composer)

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Zsolt Tempfli: Goblins - Rambling To Hades’ Empire op. 15 no. 3 for piano