Zsolt Tempfli

My name is Zsolt Tempfli. I was born in Oradea, Romania in 1983. When I was 9 I began learning to play piano. After one year I abandoned it. During the next six years I lost any contact with music and forgot everything about it, even where the C note is in the F clef, despite the fact that I was performing Beethoven’s Für Elise in a public concert before. Then I started studying it again. But this time alone, without any help. It was only out of pleasure, and beside the pleasure of studying music, I’ve started writing little piano pieces. Between 2001-2006 I studied Electronics at the University of Oradea. Since 2006 I’ve been working as a web programmer for a specialized company.
2008: wedding with the love of my life, Judit
2009: our daughter, Zsuzsika was born. She’s been playing the piano since she was 2 weeks old.
2011: Csilla (our second daughter) was born.
2016: András, our son was born.
My first compositions were created on computer, and because of this it is hard or uncomfortable to perform them. Such works are: Little songs, the first five Ave Maria, On a windy first november afternoon, The symphony of resurrection (not completed), the first two Impromptu, Laudate Dominum, Cantate Domino, Ave verum. The first serious piano piece – the Musical Thoughts In The Memory Of Franz Liszt – was finished on 3rd July, 2003. It was followed by: Weekend Wandering on 13th July 2003 (written for my parents), The Nightmares (the first 3 parts between 6th and 27th September and the 4th part between 8th and 25th November 2003, written for the Oláh family), Impromptu no.2 (28th and 29th September, 2003, written for Gardó Éva), Concertino For Doublebass And Piano (30 September – 3 October 2003 written for Mátyási Lóránd),
The Goblins

  • The Dance Of The Goblins – written for my parents between 9th and 26th December, 2003;
  • A Goblin-Girl’s Smile – between 3rd January and 13th March 2004 ;
  • Rambling To Hades’ Empire – written for my composer friend, Rainer Stark between 8th May and 10th September 2004;
  • At Home Again – between 23rd September and 7th November 2004;
  • The Present – Impromptu for Violin and Piano – written for Oláh Boglárka and Oláh Gabriella between 15th November and 13th December 2004;
  • The Old Goblin’s Tale – written in the memory of my grandfather, Tempfli Ferenc, between 24th January and 21st March 2005;
  • Daydreaming On The Moonlight – written for my father, Tempfli Ádám, between 25th March and 25th April 2005;
  • The End Of Winter – written for my mother, Tempfli Emilia, between 16th May and 1st July 2005.

Between two Goblin-pieces I wrote other pieces, like:
Allelujah – to Rainer Stark on 3rd November 2004;
The Tram – to my good friend, Brian Lamb between 4th November and 19th December 2004;
an Albinoni Adagio transcription for piano, between 15th and 17th December 2004;
The Tram – for solo violin transcription on 24th March 2005.
On 9th July 2005 I started writing my Visual Etudes. The second was written to my friends from Argentina, Marcelo and Sylvina, the third one to Kajó Brigitta, the fifth one to my dear love, Gombos Judit and the sixth one to the Only One (Holy One) celebrated at Christmas. Between December 2006 and December 2007 I wrote three Miniatures. I have also written pieces for chorus and orchestra, like seven Ave Maria, Laudate Dominum, Ave Verum.

Between 16th April 2008 and 21st June I transcribed Sergey Rachmaninov’s orchestral piece Prince Rostislav
Etudes II, no. A1(B3) – between 7th December 2008 and 12th March 2009
Etudes II, no. A4(B1) – between 26th May 2009 and 31th May
Etudes II, no. A3(B2) – between 31th May 2009 and 3rd June
Etudes II, no. A2 – between 5th June 2009 and 15th June
These etudes can be performed either according to numbering A or B.
Wagner – Rienzi overture’s transcription – between 11st April 2009 and 20th May
The duck and the frog – 30th June 2009
Humperdinck – Hänsel and Gretel: Dream scene and pantomime transcription – 17th September 2010
Elegy for viola and piano – between 25th June 2012 and 27th July 2012
Arnold Schoenberg – Transfigured Night transcription for piano (2 hands) – finished on 12th October 2012
In memoriam Tokaji Ágnes – finished on 6th November 2012
Missus Gabriel for a capella choir (soprano-soprano-alto) – finished on 20th april 2013
O Sanctissima for a capella choir (soprano-soprano-alto) – finished on 29th april 2013
In memoriam Tokaji Ágnes quartet – finished on 16th august 2013
Improvisation for solo viola – finished on 7th november 2013

In 2013 the following premiers took place: Elegy for viola and piano (22nd february 2013, Brasília, Brazil), O sanctissima (12nd august 2013, Oradea, Romania), In memoriam Tokaji Ágnes for quartet (3rd november 2013, Oradea, Romania), Improvisation for viola (14th november 2013, Oradea, Romania)
In 2015 my Schoenberg Transfigured Night piano transcription was premiered in London.